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Northampton North Constituency

The constituency is wholly within the Borough of Northampton and includes the areas of Thorplands, Kingsthorpe, Moulton Leys, Parklands, Eastfield, Kingsley, St David, Abington, Lumbertubs, Boughton Green, Headlands and Boothville.

The current MP is the Conservative's Michael Ellis who won the seat from Labour (Sally Keeble) at the 2010 General Election. The seat is a close three way marginal.

See past General Election results courtesy of The Guardian website

Lib Dems a growing force

Northampton North constituency has the longest history of Liberal Democrat success. The first Liberal Councillors to be elected back onto the Borough Council were in Kingsthorpe and Boughton Green wards in 1983. The party has been steadily increasing in strength since the 1980's such that in 2003 13 Lib Dem Borough Councillors were elected in the constituency - more than the other parties put together. With the County Council elections in 2009 the party won 7 out of the 11 seats in the constituency. Kingsthorpe has been held continuously since 1981.

The party has been increasing its share of the vote continuously since 1997.

  • 1983 - Tony Rounthwaite - 26.1%
  • 1987 - Tony Rounthwaite - 20.7%
  • 1992 - Richard Church - 15.2%
  • 1997 - Lesley Dunbar - 12.7%
  • 2001 - Richard Church - 17.7%
  • 2005 - Andrew Simpson - 24.5%
  • 2010 - Andrew Simpson - 27.9%

The 2005 General Election

The party selected local Borough Councillor Andrew Simpson as its candidate for the 2005 General Election. Andrew fought a campign building on the Lib Dem grass roots strength in the constituency with national issues such as the Iraq war, student tuition fees and council tax as key elements.

The results saw a shift in vote of 3,000 from Labour to the Lib Dems with the Conservative vote staying static.

General Election Results - May 2005

Andrew Simpson's Website

May 2007 Borough Council Elections

In the Northampton Borough Council elections on 3rd May 2007 the Liberal Democrats won 9 out of 10 wards in Northampton North constituency. The party gained Parklands and Eastfield wards from the Conservatives and took Thorplands ward from Labour (Labour having held it for 24 years!). The Lib Dems gained 6 additional Council seats taking the total held by the party to 19. The Conservatives were left with no Borough Councillors in the constituency and Labour only just held on to 2 seats in Lumbertubs ward where the Lib Dems came a close second. Across the town the party took 26 seats and for the first time outright control of Northampton Borough Council.

In Northampton North constituency the share of the vote was 54% with over 25,000 votes for the party. The result bodes well for the party at the next General Election.

In the 2009 County Council elections the Lib Dems again topped the poll. Labour again came a poor third with only 19% of the vote, and lost Lumbertubs to the Lib Dems.

May 2010 General Election

Andrew Simpson was again the candidate in 2010, increasing the Lib Dem vote once again to create a three way marginal. The constituency was fought on new boundaries, with Spencer and part of Ecton Brook moving into Northampton South, while the whole of Abington moved into Northampton North.