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Welcome to the website of Northampton Liberal Democrats

Northampton Liberal Democrats currently have 5 Councillors on Northampton Borough Council and 6 on Northamptonshire County Council.

The Lib Dems ran Northampton Borough Council for the first time between 2007-2011.

At the General Election in 2010 Northampton North Constituency saw the party achieve its highest ever share of the vote in what has now become a three-way fight.

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Campaigning for more money for mental health

Recent updates

  • Article: May 12, 2015
    By National Liberal Democrats

    Membership of the Liberal Democrats is now at more than 54,240.

    Since polls closed on Thursday, 7296 new members have joined the Liberal Democrats.

    People are joining right across the country, and these are not just people who've been members before.

    We're recruiting people who have never joined a party in the past but want to stand together against the things this Conservative government is already promising to do.

  • key_the-independent.jpg
    Article: May 5, 2015
    By National Liberal Democrats

    Newspapers from across the political divide are united in their belief Liberal Democrats have been a force for good in government.

    In their editorials, national titles recognise the Liberal Democrats achievements in government and the stability the party has brought to the country in the last five years.

    The newspapers also acknowledge that in the inevitability of a hung parliament, the Liberal Democrats will anchor Britain in the centre ground and stop a lurch to the right or the left.

    Endorsements include:

    Deputy Prime Minister and Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg said:

    "As we enter the final stretch of the campaign, more and more people are recognising that only the Liberal Democrats can keep Britain safe, stable and fair.

    "Everybody knows that no one will win the election outright, so the big question you face is: who do you want influencing the next Government?

    "Do you want an unstable minority government with either UKIP or the SNP dragging Britain off to the extremes of left and right, or do you want the Liberal Democrats to keep Britain in the stable centre-ground?

    "Our party has put the country first and shown that coalitions can be strong and stable.

    "It's wonderful that even our harshest critics now acknowledge the Liberal Democrats have been, and will be, a force for good in British public life."

  • Angela paterson
    Article: May 5, 2015
    By Northampton Lib Dems

    With just 36 hours to go before the polls open Angela Paterson, Lib Dem Candidate for Northampton North has sent this message to voters.

    I'm writing to remind you just how much the Liberal Democrats have achieved in coalition.

    We went into government because it was the right thing to do. At a time of national emergency, we put the good of the country ahead of party politics.

  • candidates 2015
    Article: May 5, 2015
    By Northampton Lib Dems

    Sally Beardsworth, Kingsthorpe Councillor and former Mayor on this years local elections

    "There is intense speculation as to the result of the General Election but no agreement on the outcome. Local and national media and most of the political parties are however ignoring the Borough Council Elections which also take place this Thursday.

  • Article: May 2, 2015

    Nick Clegg being interviewed in Chorlton, Greater Manchester

    Nick Clegg has said the Lib Dems will not sign up to another coalition with any party that does not guarantee £8bn in extra annual funding for the NHS

    The Lib Dem leader has been setting out his negotiating position in the belief no-one will win an outright victory.

    Other "deal breakers" he has identified include education funding and action on the deficit and tax allowances

    Polls suggest the Lib Dems are expected to see a drop in votes and seats but could still hold the balance of power.

    In the event of another inconclusive election result, Mr Clegg has suggested that either his party, the SNP or UKIP could play a decisive role and that his party is right to set out its priorities for post-election negotiations in the spirit of accountability.

    For his part, David Cameron has set out one "red line", saying he would not serve as prime minister in any government which could not deliver a referendum on the EU in 2017 - a referendum the Lib Dems oppose.

    NHS England has said it will require £8bn in extra funding a year by 2020, on top of the above-inflation increases already promised, to ensure it can modernise and meet the growing demands on it from an ageing society.

    The Conservatives and Lib Dems have said they will fund this in full. The two parties agreed to a £2bn annual "down payment" last year towards the full amount but have accused each other of a lack of clarity about where the rest will come from.

    'Hard cash'

    The Lib Dems have said they will raise an extra £1bn a year, covering the period from 2016 to 2018, through increases in capital gains tax and other tax measures.

    After 2018, by which point the party hopes to have paid off the current deficit, they say they will ensure annual NHS budgets rise at least in line with economic growth to meet the remaining shortfall.

  • Article: Apr 30, 2015
    By National Liberal Democrats
    Here are 12 unique policies that you will only find in the Lib Dem manifesto, none of which feature in the Labour or Conservatives' manifestos.

    You can read our full manifesto here.

    British-Sign-Language.jpg Breastfeeding.jpg CCTV.jpg
    Life-saving-skills.jpg mental-health.jpg pre-pay-meters.jpg
    cosmetic-surgery.jpg credit-card-fraud.jpg Eating-disorders.jpg
    learning-disabilities.jpg boko-haram.jpg cohabiting-couples.jpg
  • key_FSM-Nick.jpg
    Article: Apr 30, 2015
    By National Liberal Democrats

    Extending free school meals for seven to 11 year olds will benefit 1.9 million children and save parents around £400 per child a year.

    These plans will more than double the offer of free schools meals to all five, six and seven year old pupils delivered by the Liberal Democrats in government.

    Pilot studies have shown that a hot, healthy meal at lunchtime greatly improves the health, behaviour and results of school children, providing them with the best start in life.

  • key_Plastic_bags.jpg
    Article: Apr 29, 2015

    MEPs are set to give the final seal of approval today to binding targets to cut plastic bag use in the EU by 80 per cent by 2025.

    Conservative MEPs are expected to abstain in the vote, after having refused to back the new limits in a committee vote last month.

    Liberal Democrat MEP Catherine Bearder said:

    "This is a huge step forward in tackling the plastic waste in Europe's oceans that kills thousands of marine animals each year.

    "Liberal Democrats had to fight tooth and nail against the Conservatives to ensure a 5p charge on plastic bags will be introduced in England later this year.

    "By refusing to back these much-needed targets across the EU, Conservative MEPs have shown their true colours.

    "Left to their own devices, the Tories would lurch to the right on green issues. Only Liberal Democrats in government will ensure the environment stays at the top of the agenda."

    Liberal Democrat Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey added:

    "This is another clear example that Conservatives simply can't be trusted to deliver on the green agenda.

    "In Government we've dragged them kicking and screaming to agree to Liberal Democrat priorities including charges for plastic bags.

    "It's essential to have Lib Dems in Government as a toxic BLUKIP alliance would see the green agenda ripped up."

  • nick_children.jpg
    Article: Apr 29, 2015

    Liberal Democrats set education red line

    By setting education as a red line, any government with the Liberal Democrats must increase spending on nurseries, schools and colleges.

    Liberal Democrats want to protect per pupil funding from nursery to 19, in real terms, by the end of the parliament.

    This would amount to £5.2bn more funding than is planned by the Conservatives and £2.5bn more than Labour.

    Nick said:

    "I can confirm a Liberal Democrat red line - a pre-condition for government - is increasing spending on education.

    "The Liberal Democrats will not allow our children and grandchildren to pay the price of this generation's mistakes.

    "We believe above all else in spreading opportunity, in tearing down the barriers that stop people from reaching their potential. Nothing is more crucial to that than education.

    "So the next government must increase spending on nurseries, schools and colleges. That means education spending must rise with both prices and pupil numbers.

    "Without investment in education, there can be no deal with the Liberal Democrats."

  • key_carer.jpg
    Article: Apr 27, 2015
    By National Liberal Democrats

    Liberal Democrats have announced a £150m package for the 6.5 million carers across Britain who support their loved ones that are older, disabled or seriously ill.

    The new measures form part of the party's Disability Manifesto.

    Approximately 1 in every 8 adults provide care, unpaid for family and friends.

    Under Liberal Democrat plans, these carers will receive a £250 bonus to ease the cost of caring for family members who requires support for 35 hours or more over a 12 month period.

    We will introduces this bonus gradually over the next Parliament with £125 available for carers in 2017/18.

    In addition the NHS will have a legal duty to identify carers and introduce an innovative new Carer's Passport that provides people who look after ill and vulnerable loved ones with privileged support.

    This could range from more flexible visiting hours and free hospital parking, through to free cinema tickets, free restaurant meals and free gym sessions.

    Carers could get an additional five days paid additional "care leave" a year and would be allowed to do more work without losing their Carer's Allowance by extending the "earnings limit" from £110 per week to £150 per week, putting more money back into their pockets.

    We would also appoint a new cross-government "Carer's Champion" to ensure carers get a voice at the heart of government.