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Welcome to the website of Northampton Liberal Democrats

Northampton Liberal Democrats currently have 4 Councillors on Northampton Borough Council and 6 on Northamptonshire County Council.

The Lib Dems ran Northampton Borough Council for the first time between 2007-2011.

At the General Election in 2010 Northampton North Constituency saw the party achieve its highest ever share of the vote in what has now become a three-way fight.

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Campaigning for more money for mental health

Recent updates

  • windfarms67.jpg
    Article: Dec 18, 2014

    Cameron wrong on support for wind farms

    December 17, 2014 7:32 PM
    Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

    Latest research by the Department of Energy and Climate Change shows that 67 per cent of people support onshore wind farms. However, the Conservatives have said they would not subsidise new onshore turbines if they win the general election.

    The Liberal Democrats will never abandon our commitment to the environment and we have ensured that it stays at the top of the agenda. In government, we have blocked a Conservative plans to impose a cap on wind farms.

    Putting the brakes on onshore wind would be disastrous for the environment, businesses and jobs.

    Figures released earlier this year by RenewableUK show that 15,400 people are now employed in Britain's wind power industry, an increase of 70 per cent since 2010.

    In the year 2013 to 2014 the wind turbine industry attracted £2.6bn of investment.

    Just days after Tory Chief Whip Michael Gove barred Tory Climate Change Minister Amber Rudd from attending critical climate change talks in Lima, the Tories have yet again shown their lack of commitment to green causes.

  • Sarah and her bike
    Article: Dec 17, 2014
    By Northamptonshire Liberal Democrats

    Despite almost 30% of the population of Northamptonshire residents living in Northampton Borough, figures unveiled by the Liberal Democrats today show only 9% of the road budget was spent in the County town last year.

    "This is a disgusting admission" commented Cllr. Sarah Uldall (pictured), spokesperson for the Liberal Democrats on transport and roads. "While Northampton traffic grinds to a halt, desperate for a completed ring road, the Tories spend £32m on a bypass around Geddington where the Council leader lives. Meanwhile they do nothing for the County town. Our pavements are crumbling and our roads are in tatters."

  • Article: Dec 17, 2014
    December 17, 2014 12:54 PM
    Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

    Nick Clegg pointingNick Clegg has said that all 16-21 year olds in England will get a 66% discount on bus travel.

    Appearing on Bite the Ballot's Leaders Live, which can be viewed on Youtube, Nick Clegg set out the proposal which would see all 16-21 year olds would be given a Young Person's Bus Pass. It would help young people with the cost of travel by offering a minimum two thirds discount on bus travel in England. Bus companies would then be able to add their own discounts on top of that.

  • Cllr. Chris Lofts
    Article: Dec 11, 2014
    By Northamptonshire Liberal Democrats

    The publication of the County Council's draft budget this week shows massive cuts this year, and every year for the next five. With services already failing or inadequate, and with budgets already over-running - it is time to be far more radical in our plans, according to the Liberal Democrats.

    "We are in an absolutely disastrous situation" commented Chris Lofts, Deputy leader of the Lib Dems at County Hall, and Finance spokesperson. "We are seeing hundreds of millions of pounds taken out of the budget over the next 5 years while the need for services increases. These extra demands will be crippling to services."

  • Article: Dec 10, 2014
    By Northampton Chronicle and Echo Dec 9th

    Former Tory councillor Mick Ford has quit the Conservative group on Northampton Borough Council to join the Liberal Democrats - over his former party's choice of candidate for the Delapre area.

    Councillor Ford, who sits on the general purposes and planning committees, will retain his seat on the Delapre & Briar Hill ward under his new allegiance.

  • Cllr Brendan Glynane
    Article: Dec 9, 2014
    By Northampton Chronicle and Echo Dec 9th in chronicle & echo

    by Paul Lynch Chronicle & Echo paul.lynch@jpress.co.uk

  • Article: Dec 8, 2014
    By Northampton Lib Dems

    Prospective Parliamentary Candidates in Northampton , Angela Paterson ( Northampton North ) and Sadik Chaudhury (Norhmpton South) have welcomed the tax cuts and additional investment announced in the coalition's Autumn Statement. Angela says that " the increase in the tax allowances will be welcomed by local families" and Sadik said " as well as tax cuts for lower and medium earners the statement was packed with policies and priorities which the Lib Dems have campaigned on" such as help for first-time buyers and more support for apprenticeships"

  • Campaigning for more money for mental health
    Article: Dec 6, 2014
    By Northampton Lib Dems

    One in four of us will experience mental health problems like depression.

    For decades mental health has been the last in the queue when it comes to funding and attention.

    Mental health problems cost the country as much as £100bn each year yet as few as a

    quarter of people with depression get access to treatment.

  • eating disorders
    Article: Dec 4, 2014
    By National Liberal Democrats

    Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg has announced a £150m investment to transform the treatment of children and young people with eating disorders.

    Nick has secured the fund in this year's Autumn Statement and forms part of the Liberal Democrats ongoing campaign to bring mental health services on a par with physical health care.

    The Liberal Democrats are determined to change this and to end the stigma around mental health. We want mental health issues to be treated just as seriously as physical health issues.

    The fund will be rolled-out over the next five years and paves the way for the introduction of new waiting standards.

    Research shows an increasing number of young people, some as young as five are being admitted to hospital for treatment of eating disorders at a cost to the NHS of around £200m a year.

    The new funding will focus on channelling money from expensive institutional care to local provision through:

    - pilot schemes to get young people with eating disorders early access to services in their communities, with properly trained teams, making hospital admission a last resort.

    - extending access to talking therapies so that children and young people have choice of evidence based therapies.

    Nick said:

    "Too often children with mental health problems are being completely let down by the current system, with many suffering from eating disorders going unreported and untreated.

    "We know that if an eating disorder goes untreated for more than 3 to 5 years the chances of recovery are greatly reduced, while incidents of self harm increase.

    "That's why we need to act now to transform the current system, intervening earlier with dedicated and targeted community-based services to ensure that we don't fail this generation or the ones that follow."

  • Tax Cut 2015
    Article: Dec 3, 2014

    The Chancellor today confirmed that the tax cut, due next April, will go ahead.

    Increasing the Tax Free allowance for those on basic rate tax was a key Lib Dem policy in 2010. The key Conservative tax policy was to raise the inheritance tax threshold to £1million .

    Remember: David Cameron told us back in 2010 that we couldn't afford to give tax cuts to low and middle earners. He wanted to prioritise tax cuts for the rich but now of course the Conservatives and our local MPs like to claim credit for raising the basic allowance